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Set of (50) 1972 Brooke Bond Tea Prehistoric Animals Trading Cards
Item #p497
Price: $24.99 
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Set of (50) 1972 Brooke Bond Tea Prehistoric Animals Trading Cards
United States   America   American   Americana   Brooke Bond   Tea   Drink   Beverage   Advertising   Souvenir   Promotion   Promotional   Non Sports   Trading Card   Card   Paper   Ephemera   Dinosaur   Prehistoric   Animal   Reptile   Toy   Miniature   Novelty   Nostalgic   Vintage   History   Historic
The picture below shows a larger view of all Set of (50) 1972 Brooke Bond Tea Prehistoric Animals Trading Cards in this lot. This is a complete set of (50) cards. There was an album that you could have purchased from the Grocer or ordered by mail to put them in, but we do not have one to include here. The text on the cards is by Dr. Alex Charig, and they were illustrated by Maurice Wilson. The entire set here for one price! The cards each measure about 2-11/16'' x 1-7/16''. All of the cards appear to be in mint condition as pictured. Below here, for reference, is a list of the cards in this set:

No. Title
1. Eusthenopteron
2. Ichthyostega
3. Eryops
4. Gerrothorax
5. Diplocaulus
6. Seymouria
7. Stenaulorhynchus
8. Mosasaurus
9. Mandasuchus
10. Plateosaurus
11. Cetiosaurus
12. Brachiosaurus
13. Coelophysis
14. Ornithomimus
15. Deinonychus
16. Megalosaurus
17. Tyrannosaurus
18. Scelidosaurus
19. Stegosaurus
20. Polacanthus
21. Hypsilophodon
22. Iguanodon
23. Corythosaurus
24. Psittacosaurus
25. Protoceratops
26. Triceratops
27. Rhamphorhynchus
28. Pteranodon
29. Archaeopteryx
30. Ichthyornis and Hesperornis
31. Phororhacos
32. Aepyornis
33. Ichthyosaurus
34. Cryptoclidus
35. Tanystropheus
36. Dimetrodon
37. Lystrosaurus
38. Cynognathus
39. Megazostrodon
40. Diprotodon
41. Sivatherium
42. Hyracotherium
43. Baluchitherium
44. Coelodonta
45. Deinotherium
46. Mammuthus
47. Glyptodon
48. Megatherium
49. Smilodon
50. Australopithecus

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Set of (50) 1972 Brooke Bond Tea Prehistoric Animals Trading Cards

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