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(4) 1952 FATE Magazines
Item #sfm0025
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This item is already sold(4) 1952 FATE Magazines
FATE Magazine   Back-Issue   Pulp   UFO   Advertisement   Flying Saucer   Ghost   Space   Alien   Magic   Fortean   Nostalgic
The pictures show the covers of all (4) FATE Magazines in this lot.

Sporting the byline "True Stories Of The Strange And The Unknown", FATE Magazine is the world's leading magazine of the paranormal. Started in 1948, it has published expert opinions and personal experiences relating to UFOs, psychic abilities, ghosts and hauntings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, and Fortean phenomena for a devoted readership worldwide. All stories in this magazine are purported to be factual. This is not a collection of science fiction stories.

Included in this lot are the following (4) FATE magazines, all from 1952. These magazines measure 5 1/2" wide and 7 1/4" tall. They each contain 130 pages. They are complete and in good condition, with exceptions as noted.

Issue #25, Vol 5 - No. 1, January, 1952 (cover is coming unglued)
Issue #26, Vol 5 - No. 2, February-March, 1952 (cover is coming unglued)
Issue #29, Vol 5 - No. 5, July-August, 1952
Issue #33, Vol 5 - No. 9, December, 1952

There are many interesting articles and advertisements in these issues, including:

Issue No. 25, VOL 5 - No. 1, January 1952

"Joseph of Cupertino - The Flying Friar", G. A. Cevasco
"The Vindictive Truss", Paul Pickett
"I Left My Body To Seek Advice", Margaret Newby
"Inspiration From Someone", Peggy Barwell
"Phantom Lights in Oklahome", William Bathlot
"Return From The Tomb", Edmond P. Gibson
"The Possession of Esther Cox", J. Louis Toole
"Through My Grandfather's Memory", Cicely M. Ellis
"Miracle At Begov", Richard Eastman
"In My Mind's Eye", Frederick Marion
"Let's Get Up To Date On The Flying Saucers", Robert N. Webster
"FATE Is Getting Better", Robert N. Webster
"The Marvelous Lost Civilization of Crete", John C. Ross
"Nostradamus The Greatest Prophet", James F. Scheer
"Thoughts Through Space", Dr. Donald West
"Can The Mind Stimulate Plants?", Gertrude Springer
"Is There a Psychic Nerve Force?", Basil Smith
"The Mystery of Dreams", Philip Archer
"Using the Magic Pendulum", Ormond McGill
"The Giants in the Earth", Harold T. Wilkins
"The Phantom and the Will", G. N. Slyfield
"Another Vortex?", Catherine Christopher
"Hypnosis at Work"
"Mental Preview", Frank Ball
"Fatal Prediction", Paul Steiner
"A Psychologist's Dreams"
"Fingers of Fate", Harold Helfer
"True Mystic Experiences"
"The Fighting Mountains", LaVern W. Cutler
"The Wheel of Fortune", Paul Steiner
"The Man in the Chair", Mathias Rivera
"Unlucky Friday", Frank L. Remington
"Remedies That Sometimes Worked", Frank L. Remington

Issue No. 26, VOL 5 - No. 2, February-March 1952

"The Wonderful Eddy Children", Dr. W. D. Chesney
"A Hunch That Saved $500", Emmy Roberts
"The Man Who Came Home", Albert A. Brandt
"The Mystery In Sallie's Room", Blanche Whiting Keysner
"The Haunted Rectory", Grace Carey
"85 Mysterious Deaths in Honolulu", Catherine Christopher
"Slate Writing in a Box", Edmond P. Gibson
"Noises in the Light Tower", Harold T. Wilkins
"The Indestructible Francois Civile", Albert A. Brandt
"My Father Said Goodbye", Isabel McLane Maury
"Death Comes on Swift Wings", Trebor H. Tims
"Malignant Spirit", Guy Hedlund
"Does Sex Exist in the Spirit World?", Hereward Carrington
"Dreams That Paid Off", Dr. W. E. Farbstein
"Did Man Tame The Dinosaur?", William P. Russell
"All Right, Mr. Scientist - Answer This One", Dr. W. E. Farbstein
"Harry Edwards, England's Great Healer", F. Terry Newman
"The Mystery of the Crawling Fireballs", Henry S. Galus
"Key To The Great Religions", Paul M. Vest
"The Signature of Your Thumb", Mir Bashir
"Steep Rock Flying Saucer"
"Yoga Today", Desmond Dunne (from "Prediction")
"They Strip To Conquer", Frank L. Remington
"New Light On The Aura", John Pendragon (from "Prediction")
"Jesus... Master Psychic", Roy Clyde Weidler
"Tragic Dream"
"From the Depths of the Sea
"It's A Joke, Son", Isabelle Iler
"Out Of This World", Frank Ball
"Luck or Fate?", Roy Clyde Weidler
"The Missing Tile", Bee Wood
"Will Rogers' Last Word", Paul Steiner
"Bad Luck Opera", Paul Steiner
"Professors of Death", J. Chamberlain Osborne
"Amazing Prophecy", Raymond F. Ross
"Wife + Ghost-Rival = Divorce"
"Scientific Wild Goose Chase"
"A Treasure-Seeking Spirit?"
"Weird Prophecy"

Issue No. 29, VOL 5 - No. 5, July-August 1952

"Haunted Honeymoon", Lida Wilson Pyles
"The Mystery of Mollie Fancher", Raymond J. Ross
"The Vision in the Globe", The Rev. W. Rowland Jones
"Murder Foreseen", Edmond P. Gibson
"Curse of Ka'ahapahau", Catherine Christopher
"The Rediscovery of Glastonbury Abbey", Marguerite Steedman
"Footprints in the Snow", Rene Ray
"Operation Impossible", Frank M. Chapman
"Ishtar, Goddess of Love", Paul M. Vest
"Swedenborg, The Man Who Talked With Angels", Jerome Keaful
"The Robots Are Coming", Martin Gardner
"The Coming Age of Cosmic Art", Raymond F. Piper
"Aunt Jane... "The Fortune Woman"", Ruby Moore Huff
"He Raised the Dead", Ruby Moore Huff
"The Bible Proves Spiritualism", Dr. W. D. Chesney
"The Psychic Who Solves Crimes", Mary Ellen Frallic
"The Case of Stella C.", Denys Parsons
"Pixie-Haunted Moor", Harold T. Wilkins
"I See By the Papers", Curtis Fuller
"Murder Reenacted"
"Science Proves God"
"Mischief in Missouri"
"Dream Fortune"
"Plenty of Food For All"
"Telepathy at a Distance"
"Beyond Physics"
"What Were Their Last Words?", Lynn Black
"Limestone Weather Prophet"
"The Poltergeist of Chilliwack"
"Birth of the Stars"

Issue No. 33, VOL 5 - No. 9, December 1952

"Spiritualism at the White House
"The Odyssey of Patsy Li", Rev. Frederic P. Gehring
"Limping Ghost of Ballenchin", F. Terry Newman
"Ghost at Sea", Capt. Frank H. Shaw
"Miracle in the Forest", Julian Hammer
"Did My Soul Leave My Body?", Beeda Brown
"A Ritual that Worked", Dr. W. E. Farbstein
"Let's Get Straight About The Saucers", Curtis Fuller
"Enigma of Tiahuanaco", John Brown
"The Rocks from Nowhere", Alson J. Smith
"An Experiment With Time (Part Two)", J. W. Dunne
"The Sands Ran Up", Sylvia Pridham
"Law and Christian Science", Alson J. Smith
"The Tamerlane Tomb", N. Mamontoff
"20 Minutes to Eight", Alson J. Smith

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(4) 1952 FATE Magazines (4) 1952 FATE Magazines (4) 1952 FATE Magazines (4) 1952 FATE Magazines

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