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Time Passages Nostalgia Company
Ron Toth, Jr., Proprietor
72 Charles Street
Rochester, New Hampshire 03867-3413
Phone: 1-603-335-2062
Email: ron.toth@timepassagesnostalgia.com

Greetings From "Live Free or Die"
Tax Free New Hampshire

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As the owner of Time Passages Nostalgia Company, I would like to personally welcome you here, where you are never too old to have a happy childhood.I wish you well and hope that you find many things you are searching for at this website.It is our goal here to provide collectors with childhood treasures and memories at affordable prices. We work hard at acquiring all kinds of interesting small 19th and 20th century Pop Culture Memorabilia and Historical artifacts.

Our specialty is what I call "Shoe Box Toys".The types of things I group into this title include (but are not limited to) Cracker Jack Prizes, Cereal Prizes & Premiums, Radio Premiums, Toy Rings, Gum Ball Machine Prizes, Charms, Pin Back Buttons, Small Character Toys, Hero Related Premiums, Souvenirs, Puzzles, Games, and so much more...These are all the small treasures that children through the years have saved in shoe boxes, cigar boxes, and tins. These small souvenirs and childhood artifacts were so important and so highly valued to so many children. Unfortunately, through the years, many of our treasures have been lost. These things disappeared through moves, divorce, forgotten in the floor boards, left behind in the dusty dark attic, or as many tell me were thrown out by their Mother. Well, all hope is not lost! You just may find what you lost right here!

I can't count the times I have seen the sheer joy on the face of those who spot something they remember and held so dear as a child.For whatever reason, there are objects that have the ability to transport you instantly back to a much happier day.These flashback moments can be extremely powerful.When you least expect it, you see something that you have not seen in many years, but has been implanted in your mind.It can even be something so simple and mundane.Time Passages Nostalgia Company is dedicated to making these special moments happen.

We are also dedicated to the preservation of small old Historic, Advertising, and all kinds of nostalgic items for future generations to enjoy and admire.One goal here is to get these objects into the hands that will enjoy, appreciate, and care for them.Many collectors have found the greatest items in their collections right here.Many museums of all kinds have acquired items from us ensuring that they will live on in displays and available for research.I don't say this as a sales pitch, but the advice I often give others is that if you see something you want, do not hesitate, buy it then, or you may never have the chance again.


Time Passages Nostalgia Company is an official registered business of New Hampshire and has been since 1996. Prior to that much business has been done at antique shows, flea markets, toy shows, and collectible shows in New Hampshire, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, and South Carolina. I have personally been acquiring items that are now being sold since the 1970's. I have much experience selling nostalgic memorabilia at shows, through the mail, over the phone, catalog auctions, live auctions, eBay auctions, and from this and a previous website. I am happy to say that much information has been provided from here that has been published in books, magazines, and newspaper articles.For many years I have had the great joy and pleasure in handling many speacial treasures and intend on doing so for many more years to come.

Thank You
At this time I would like to thank all past customers, and in advance to all future customers as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of enthusiastic collectors over the years and many have become great close friends. I do not know too many people who truly enjoy their work as I do. A very special thank you goes out to my genius friend and Webmaster "Nose the Hampster" and our genius friend and Host George, for making all that you see on this website possible.


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