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1927 Portsmouth New Hampshire DeMolay Advertising Pin Back Button
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1927 Portsmouth New Hampshire DeMolay Advertising Pin Back Button
Portsmouth   New Hampshire   New England   United States   America   American   Americana   Order of Demolay   Mason   Masonic   Order of the Rainbow   Fraternal   Organization   Religion   Religious   Advertising   Souvenir   Event   Promotion   Promotional   Prize   Premium   Award   Pin   Emblem   Insignia   Logo   Novelty   Nostalgic   Vintage   History   Historic   Celluloid   Pin Back Button   Aniversary
The picture below shows a larger view of this 1927 Portsmouth New Hampshire DeMolay Advertising Pin Back Button. This celluloid pinback button has a paper insert in the back with no print. The front has an emblem or logo and it is marked as follows:

FEB. 3. 1922 - FEB. 3, 1927

The pinback button measures 1-3/4'' wide. It is in good condition with old water staining as pictured.

Below here, for reference, is some information about the Order of De Molay:

DeMolay International
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Named after: Jacques de Molay
Motto: No DeMolay shall fail as a citizen, as a leader and as a man.
Formation: March 18, 1919; 100 years ago
Founder: Frank Sherman Land
Founded at: Kansas City, Missouri
Type: Masonic youth fraternity
Location: 10200 NW Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64153
Region: Albania, Aruba, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Uruguay, United States
Membership (2019): 15,887
Volunteers: > 4 million worldwide

DeMolay International, founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1919, is an international fraternal organization for young men ages 12 to 21. It was named for Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. DeMolay was incorporated in the 1990s and is classified by the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. DeMolay is open for membership to young men between the ages of 12 to 21 of good character who acknowledge a higher spiritual power. It has about 15,000 active members spread throughout every continent save Antarctica. There are active chapters in Australia, Argentina, Aruba, Philippines, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador (affiliated to Peru jurisdiction), Brazil, Italy, Peru, Romania, Greece (affiliated to Romania jurisdiction), France, French Guiana, Albania, Japan, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia (affiliated to Serbia jurisdiction). DeMolay is part of the “family” of Masons and associated organizations. DeMolay is the young Masons of America.

The Order of DeMolay was founded in 1919 with nine members, most of whom lived near each other in Kansas City. The crown appearing in the self adopted heraldic arms (the emblem) of the order contains 10 rubies, each representing one of the original nine members and the organization’s founder, Frank S. Land. The rubies were originally portrayed as pearls; as each founding member died, the pearl representing him was changed to a ruby.

DeMolay has seven Cardinal Virtues, taught as its basic ideals. They are:
Filial love (the love of parents)
Reverence for sacred things
Organizational structure

A local DeMolay body is known as a Chapter and is headed by the Master Councilor. The Master Councilor is elected by members of his Chapter and is usually among the older members of the group. The Master Councilor is assisted in his duties by a Senior Councilor and a Junior Councilor. The Senior Councilor is usually considered to be next in line as Master Councilor and Junior Councilor to follow, though two people can run against each other. The remaining officers of a Chapter are appointed by the Master Councilor, except for the Scribe, who is appointed by the Chapter’s Advisory Council.

Senior DeMolays (former members now 21 or older), Masons, or other adult mentors supervise the Chapter and are referred to as “Dad.” One of the founding members thought of Frank Land as a father figure and called him “Dad Land”. In recent years, women have also served as advisors for the group. Women advisors are referred to as “Mom”.

In addition to the individual Chapter, DeMolay has an officer structure at the state, provincial, or other large regional level led by a State Master Councilor, Provincial Master Councilor, or Jurisdictional Master Councilor. In some countries, DeMolay may have a national level organization headed by a “National Master Councilor”. There are also other state, provincial, or jurisdictional positions, based on the officers of a chapter, which vary for each jurisdiction. The lead advisor (always a Master Mason and a member of the Supreme Council) in a state, jurisdiction, or country, is called an Executive Officer. The lead advisor internationally is known as a Grand Master, who governs the International Supreme Council. There are also Active DeMolay officers at an international level; the International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary are the heads of the International DeMolay Congress and serve on the Board of Directors. These officers are always past State Master Councilors. In some countries other than the United States, the International Supreme Council of DeMolay has ceded control to an independent Supreme Council created to govern DeMolay in that country. Such a Supreme Council has its own Grand Master and officers. (Examples are Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines.)

Female youth leaders
Some DeMolay Chapters elect young women to positions of leadership, who act to support members and their activities.

DeMolay Chapters may elect a “Chapter Sweetheart” to serve as the female representative of the Chapter, although she is not an initiated member of DeMolay. Her duties may include attending Chapter functions and acting as an ambassador of DeMolay. The “Sweetheart” must meet the age requirements of a particular jurisdiction or Chapter (often 14 to 21.) She may be a member of a neighboring Job’s Daughters Bethel, Rainbow Assembly, or Triangle, but that is not a set requirement in most Jurisdictions.

Chapter Princess
A Chapter may also elect a “Chapter Princess”. The program generally uses the same requirements as set forth for the Sweetheart. Her duties generally include attending Chapter functions and acting as an ambassador of DeMolay while assisting the Sweetheart in her duties.

Chapter Duchess
A Chapter may also elect two “Chapter Duchesses”. The program generally uses the same requirements set forth for the Sweetheart. Her duties generally include attending Chapter functions and acting as an ambassador of DeMolay while assisting both the Sweetheart and Princess in their duties.

Chapter Little Sis
A Chapter may also elect other females, who may or may not be a member of Job’s Daughters International or International Order of Rainbow for Girls, to be a Little Sis. She is usually 14 - 16 years old. She generally assists both the Princess and the Sweetheart in their duties.

Jurisdictional officers
Each state or jurisdiction holds an annual (or biennial, in some) event known as a Conclave or Convention. At this event, the members of the state or jurisdiction may vote on the State Master Councilor (or, in some cases the Provincial Master Councilor / Jurisdictional Master Councilor) and other elected positions. Some jurisdictions may elect a Deputy State Master Councilor, Sweetheart, and / or various other positions. In same cases, these officers are appointed by the Executive Officer of jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions may hold a specific event, called Congress, separate and apart from Conclave or Convention to elect their jurisdictional officers and vote on any changes to the jurisdictional by-laws, then install the new officers at their Conclave or Convention.

Jurisdictional / State Officers are the leaders of their state / jurisdiction. They plan, lead, and execute all of the events happening in their state. They also serve as a resource for the DeMolays in their state to help them with events, ceremonies, and any other DeMolay related activities.

International leadership
The International Supreme Council is the governing body of DeMolay International. It is composed of dedicated adult leaders from around the world who are responsible for the growth and success of DeMolay. The Grand Master, the Grand Senior Councilor, the Grand Junior Councilor, the Grand Secretary, and the Grand Treasurer are the elected leaders of the International Supreme Council. In certain parts of the world, such as Brazil, for example, DeMolay International has created daughter Supreme Councils and has ceded local control of DeMolay in those regions to the local Supreme Council.

The DeMolay Congress is the Senate style body where two voting delegates represent each DeMolay jurisdiction. The delegates meet once a year and elect an International Master Councilor and an International Congress Secretary, who lead and serve as the heads of the body for a time span of one year. The International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary are voting members of the Board of Directors for DeMolay International. Additionally, delegates discuss and vote on legislative issues.

Adult supervision
Each chapter must be sponsored by a local masonic body or some other group composed exclusively of masons. The sponsoring body is responsible for providing the chapter with adult advisors and a place to meet. Members of the sponsoring body form the chapter’s initial “advisory council”. The advisory council selects one of its members to be its chairman, and he is the official liaison between the chapter and the sponsoring body. Another member of the advisory council is designated the “chapter advisor”, and he is the official liaison between the advisory council and the chapter. The chapter’s advisory council is responsible for supervising the chapter and its activities.

DeMolays participate in a wide range of social and sports activities that may include: camping, holding dances with members of Rainbow and Job’s Daughters, playing basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, paintball, or billiards, going canoeing and kayaking, and taking long distance trips. Both Chapters and individual DeMolays participate in competitions for the best performance of the various Ceremonies of the Order. Winners of local competitions, in ritual and sports, may compete for State Championships, and sometimes State winners compete at higher levels. The Chapter collectively decides what events they enjoy, plans them, and in many cases holds fund raisers to finance those events.

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1927 Portsmouth New Hampshire DeMolay Advertising Pin Back Button

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