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(4) 1956 FATE Magazines
Item #sfm0070
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This item is already sold(4) 1956 FATE Magazines
FATE Magazine   Back-Issue   Pulp   UFO   Advertisement   Flying Saucer   Ghost   Space   Alien   Magic   Fortean   Nostalgic
The pictures show the covers of all (4) FATE Magazines in this lot.

Sporting the byline "True Stories Of The Strange And The Unknown", FATE Magazine is the world's leading magazine of the paranormal. Started in 1948, it has published expert opinions and personal experiences relating to UFOs, psychic abilities, ghosts and hauntings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, and Fortean phenomena for a devoted readership worldwide. All stories in this magazine are purported to be factual. This is not a collection of science fiction stories.

Included in this lot are the following (4) FATE magazines, all from 1956. These magazines measure 5 1/2" wide and 7 1/4" tall. They each contain 130 pages. They are complete but ARE IN POOR CONDITION, with marked and deteriorating covers.

Issue #70, VOL 9 - No. 1, January 1956
Issue #71, VOL 9 - No. 2, February 1956
Issue #74, VOL 9 - No. 5, May 1956 (very poor condition)
Issue #81, VOL 9 - No. 12, December 1956

There are many interesting articles and advertisements in these issues, including:

Issue #70, VOL 9 - No. 1, January 1956

"The Devil Is A Black Dog", Col. Robert J. Fugate
"Aztec Princess Guards the Treasure", John Carr
"My Sitting With Arthur Ford", William H. Leach
"The Three Veils Of Death", John Harden
"I Flew Into The Future", Katherine Nogle
"The Voice In The Tank", Clifford H. Johnson
"Return To Bombay", William Chapman White
"Murder In The Red Barn", Gene Sperry
"Magic Land Of Mescalin", Claude William Chamberlain
"New Discoveries About The Bible", Dr. W. D. Chesney
"How To Read Hands", Mir Bashir
"A Romance Of Two Worlds", Frank Turner
"My Armistice With The Ants", Rex Eidson
"Report On Harry Edwards", F. Terry Newman
"Around-The-Corner Precognition", Roy M. Frisen
"I See By the Papers", Mary Margaret Fuller
"Luminous Ghosts"
"Vision of a Skeleton", BLiss Coleman
"True Mystic Experiences"
"A Vision Saved My Baby", Elizabeth E. Miller
"The Wheel of Fortune", Paul Steiner
"Moving Space Through Matter"
"Who Opened The Door?", Mathilda A. Childers
"Vision Of The Flaming Sword"
"My Proof of Survival"
"Psychic Panel"
"Report From the Readers"

Issue #71, VOL 9 - No. 2, February 1956

"The Drum That Remembered", Julia M. Seton
"The Reincarnation Of Louie", Rebecca Nebur
"Letters From The War", John L. Russell, Jr.
"Called By The Crocodile", Art Crockett
"Bullet-Proof Indians", Frederick J. Goshe
"Piu-Piu and Tiki", Cmdr. Charles M. Cree
""Voice" Foiled Narcotics Robbery", M. J. Doyle, R.N.
"Apparition Of Saint Pius X", Betty Pierce
"I Can See For THousands Of Miles", Peggy Juergens
"Virgin Brides Of The Mayan Pool", Mary Stiehm Fuller
"When Is Healing Psychic?", Russell G. MacRobert, M.D.
"Pennsylvania Dutch "Pow-wow" Healing", Vincent R. Tortora
"The Fire-Proof Lady", W. T. Black
"Did Ancient Celts Build Newport Tower?", Edmond P. Gibson
"Does Man Make Weather?", Eugene Grossenheider
"Can They Lead You Through Fire?", K. M. Talgeri
"The Ghosts Of Ancient Rome", Eugene Grossenheider
"I See By the Papers", Curtis Fuller
"My Prophetic Dream", Dorothy H. Foden
"Hunch Of A Holocaust", Heber V. Menner
"Projection Of A Wish", Martha Burns
"Premonition On A Bridge", Hatti Bryant
"True Mystic Experiences"
"Mind Over Body", Homer C. Platt
"Victims Of The "Evil Spirit""
"Vikings In Michigan?"
"Fingers Of Fate", Harold Helfer
"The Tumbling Walls Of Jericho"
"New Books", Arthur E. Powell
"My Proof of Survival"
"Report From the Readers"

Issue #74, VOL 9 - No. 5, May 1956

"The Return of Private Dupoy", Raymond J. Ross
"The Buddha's Curse", W. J. Brands
"The Ghosts in Tito Shipa's Life", Pauline Saltzman
"The Girl of Mark Twain's Dreams", Mark Twain
"Bones in the Shed", Quentin R. Howard
"Death Has a Number", Sibley S. Morrill
"Miracle Girl of Woonsocket", John E. Malloy
"Contact With a Flying Saucer", Ray Sanford
"The Coming Antarctica Disaster", Hugh A. Brown, E.E.
"Everyone Has Psychic Powers", Capt. George F. Brietz
"How To Read Hands", Mir Bashir
"Miracle of the Virgin of Quito", Mary Stiehm Fuller
"World Survey of Spiritualism", Horace Leaf
"Objects of Mystery", Trevor Holloway
"Mind Over Space", Nandor Fodor
"I See By the Papers", Curtis Fuller
"The Airman Sensed Death"
"The Icy Package", Virginia Provost
"The Saga of Li-Ping"
"Preview of Murder", Dorothy Dobiss
"The $100,000 Trance"
"African Manna"
"True Mystic Experiences"
"The Ghost of Goliad"
"Astral Advance Agent"
"The Red Bird", Elizabeth Greer
"The Golden VIsion"
"FIngers of Fate", Harold Helfer
"Ship n the Sky", Thomas B. Chapman
"New Books", Arthur E. Powell
"My Proof of Survival"
"Psychic Panel"
"Report From the Readers"

Issue #81, VOL 9 - No. 12, December 1956

"Bocaranga Saucers", Aime Michel
"Mysterious Foam in St. Louis", June E. Weidemann
"The Mystery at Marignane", Aime Michel
"Report on the UFO", Max B. Miller
"Walling Saucer Sighting", Theodore L. Walling
"The Ardachie Poltergeist", P. J. M. McEwan
"Can Dogs Detect Approaching Storms?", Vivian Brown
"The Seneca Cremation", Nora Ball
"Cuernevaca's House of Terror", Emil Zubryn
"Hanged Three Times - He Lived!", Dal Stivens
"Treasures For The Finding", Michael Hervel
"Noises Never Explained", Trevor Holloway
"Mind Over Space", Nandor Fodor
"I See By the Papers", Curtis Fuller
"The Ghost of Brazoria County"
"Healed By A Dead Man's Words"
"Seen Across 3,000 Miles", Bluebell Stewart Phillips
"The Fiery Freighter"
"True Mystic Experiences"
"I Find Lost Objects", Lola Kinel
"My Other Self", Thomas E. Wade
"Wheel of Fortune", Paul Steiner
"New Books", Arthur E. Powell
"My Proof of Survival"
"Report From the Readers"

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(4) 1956 FATE Magazines (4) 1956 FATE Magazines (4) 1956 FATE Magazines (4) 1956 FATE Magazines

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